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Problem Hedge or Fence “Leave it all to us”

Your problem hedge or fence taken away and a new smart fence erected. The only thing you have to do is say yes please!

Let’s see a typical pictorial story of a happily completed project.

Leylandii hedge need removing

Does this picture look familiar? A leylandii hedge that has seen better days and has no potential to improve. (This could equally be a broken old fence that is past repair). There is only one solution, it has to go.You may think at this stage, shall I do it myself, what would I do with all the rubbish, am I physically up to it?Stop, pick up the phone, we will do it all. No need to make numerous calls trying to arrange gardeners, skip hire, fence suppliers and erectors. Just one call to Les Balls Fencing Services is the answer.

Digging leylandii hedge stumps

We have cut down the hedge and taken away all the debris. Now our men do the hard work of digging out the hedge stumps.It’s about now you will be thinking I am glad I brought in the professionals!

Hedge removed ready for fence installation
All the hedge stumps are removed and taken away, leaving a blank canvas to work on. This laborious groundwork is essential in order to achieve a high quality finish to the final fence project.At this stage everything looks very bare, but now the fun begins, lets erect a fence.
Panel fence erected

Great, finished!

New concrete fence posts were put in and panels placed, The choice of panels is yours, we have several to choose from. Ground leveled, tools removed, project completed.

After a few months the fence weathers in, foliage grows and the problem old hedge is a distant memory.

Tidy garden new panel fence
Remember, just one phone call to Les Balls Fencing Services can transform your garden with no fuss and no hassle.


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